Chapter 1 – The Demon King Always Thinks I’m Secretly In Love With Him

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Bai Yang slowly opened his eyes. His head was ringing and the sounds from outside were muted as though he was underwater. It took him a while before he could hear it clearly. Someone was saying in his ear: “Sir, sir, wake up! Something happened!”

Bai Yang shook his head and slowly sat up with his head in his hands. “Who’s talking to me?”

“This is System Xiao Ling at your service. I’m here to serve you during your transmigration by bringing you the tasks assigned to you by the Main System.



Bai Yang shook his head and his memories slowly returned…

About a month ago, his father has somehow found out from an unknown source that there was an experimental process that could rebuild a person’s character and decided to try it out on Bai Yang.

Bai Yang, male, 25 years old, was a fair-skinned, neat-looking, tall and handsome person. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and already stood at the apex of life when he was born. Since he had an older brother, as a younger brother he had no ambitions and the family didn’t ask much of him.

In this way, Bai Yang grew up happily. Although he wasn’t too proficient in making his opinions heard, everything still seemed fine. Everything went smoothly at first, but as he grew older Bai Yang’s true personality gradually emerged and so a huge problem was revealed – his timidity, over cautiousness, and too-gentle way of handling things. In other words, everyone viewed him as weak and incompetent.

His father wasn’t satisfied. Rich people dote on their children who normally grow up to be extremely spoiled. Scions of wealthy families are supposed to be arrogant and domineering. How did he end up with the timid, weak, and cowardly Bai Yang?

It would be reasonable to say that the younger son was spoiled too much until he became like that. Anyway, it didn’t matter because he had his father and an older brother. His life should be smooth sailing no matter what. Unfortunately, the unexpected happened. His older brother had a car accident on a business trip and was now in a coma. He was currently lying in a hospital and no one knew when he would wake up. His father was helpless in the face of this disaster. All he could do was look to his younger son to succeed him but his younger son’s personality was too weak. This was a headache for his father.

At this time, Bai Yang’s father hit on the idea of China’s first successful transmigration experiment to rebuild Bai Yang’s character. A person’s personality is by his or her environment. This experiment can help reshape a person’s desired personality in a short time by playing a specific role in the simulated world. This would save a lot of time and energy, so Bai Yang was shoved into the experimental module by his father…

That was Bai Yang’s last memory.

Bai Yang let go of his head. “I understand… Xiao Ling? Tell me what to do next.”

He’s already here so all he can do is summon up his courage.

It was as though he had hit Xiao Ling’s sore spot. Xiao Ling burst out crying. “I don’t know! Waaah!”

Bai Yang looked dazed: “Why don’t you know?”

Xiao Ling: “There’s something wrong with the Main System. Your father to make you into a more powerful, domineering person. After much deliberation and testing, he chose the virtual world of ‘Wild Wind’ and for you to be the protagonist, Zhou Ying. I don’t know what happened but although you are in the world of ‘Wild Wind,’ you aren’t the protagonist.”

Wild Wind was a very famous fantasy novel. The protagonist, Zhou Ying’s birth was extraordinary. It seemed as though he was the son of the seven stars. After getting his cheat, he will marry a beautiful woman and, eventually, become the first person to find the Heavenly Path and ascend to the World of the Immortals. The novel’s plot was pretty common but it became famous because it was turned into a TV series by a top entertainment company. The TV show became popular on the internet and even the novel enjoyed a short-lived period of popularity.

Bai Yang has watched TV series “Wild Wind” so he had a rough idea of the plot. Since his role was not that of Zhou Ying…

Bai Yang was a little dizzy. “So who am I?”

“Xie Zetian.”

“Who? Say it again?”

“Xie Zetian.”

Bai Yang: “…”

Xiao Ling: “…”

The two of them fell silent at the same time.

Who was Xie Zetian? The Final Boss, Demon King Yong Ye, the biggest villain in Wild Wind, was tasked with provoking the protagonist and then being face-slapped by the protagonist.

Xie Zetian was a double-dealing and backstabbing villain who acted arrogant in front of his subordinates and weaker people but in front of those who were stronger than, especially Demon King Yong Ye, he would bow and scrape. His bootlicking attitude was very distasteful. The worst thing about him was that he was extremely lustful. Nor did he discriminate between men and women. It was because he made eyes at the protagonist’s woman that Xie Zetian was chased by for ten chapters. However, he didn’t die. Instead, he became the protagonist’s nemesis.

How could take on this role?

“No, I want to change my role.” Bai Yang couldn’t stand it.

Xiao Ling said, “Sir, you can’t. As soon as I discovered the error, I reported it to the Main System. The Main System insisted that this was the correct setting and could not be modified.”

“How is that possible? Didn’t you say I was supposed to be Zhou Ying?”

Xiao Ling said, “Yes, so the Main System is wrong.”

Bai Yang was in a hurry. “What should we do now? I don’t want to be Xie Zetian. I want to go back.”

Xiao Ling answered: “Theoretically if your character dies, you should be able to return.”

Bai Yang: “Then I can just kill myself right away?”

“You can’t kill yourself!” Xiao Ling hurriedly put a stop to that idea. “Xie Zetian is a very important character. If he dies early, it will affect the whole plot and the protagonist’s fate. If that happens, the Main System will label it as a System error and launch the correction program. Once the program is deployed, there is a 90% of brain death in the real world. Xie Zetian is the key to the hero’s ascension. He can only die at the moment when the hero ascends.”

Xie Zetian’s death is a story Bai Yang remembers. Xie Zetian killed one of the protagonist’s most beloved women and used despicable means to push the protagonist into despair. Unexpectedly, while he was desperate straits, the protagonist had a breakthrough. He killed Xie Zetin, defeated the Demon King Yong Ye, and left this small word to ascend to a more advanced realm.


That is to say, to ascend the protagonist must use Xie Zetian and the woman called Zhao Qing-er as stepping stones. Without Xie Zetian, he can’t make a breakthrough.

Bai Yang wanted to start cursing. “My father didn’t pay ten million to get me killed!” He was told that failure meant at most two days of mental pain. How did it become brain death?

“It’s because the Main System has a problem.” Xiao Ling cried, “It insists that this is the correct initial setting.”

Bai Yang was in despair.

“Then who set up the initial setting?” Bai Yang was worried. “How did the System make a mistake? Is someone scheming against me?”

Xiao Ling was silent for a moment then suddenly said, “That’s possible! How could the Main System make a mistake? Maybe someone meddled with the initial setting.”

“Can you contact the outside world and tell my people about my situation?” Bai Yang asked.

Xiao Ling whined, “No sir, from the moment we are put into the world, we can only accept the tasks issued by the main system. No one outside or inside can contact us until the Main System’s analysis indicates that the task is complete and you can leave the simulation.”

Again, Bai Yang felt the urge to start cursing. “Who did this to me? My father?”

He thought that wasn’t right. How could his father suddenly change the setting and make the penalty for failing to complete the task brain death? That would be like arranging his own death.

Bai Yang was very depressed.

Xiao Ling comforted him: “Sir, don’t be afraid, as long as we try our best to finish the task, we can go return.”

Bai Yang thought it over again and again but found no solution. He could only admit defeat. “Which b****rd did this?! When I return I’ll make sure to return the favor!”

“Wait a minute, the Main System has released the first task!” Xiao Ling suddenly said.

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