The Demon King Always Thinks I’m Secretly In Love With Him

demon kingOriginal Title: 魔君总以为我暗恋他[穿书]

Translated Title: The Demon King Always Thinks I’m Secretly In Love With Him (Transmigration into a Novel)

Author: 东方黄瓜 (Dōng Fāng Huáng Guā aka Eastern Cucumber)

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Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Romance, Yaoi


Bai Yang transmigrated into a fantasy novel as the lustful lackey of the Final Boss, Demon King Yong Ye. The first day he transmigrated, he touched the Demon King’s behind???

Bai Yang shrieked: “Your Majesty, it was an accident!”

Demon King, narrowed his eyes: “Strip and run naked down the mountain now.”

In order to return to his own world, Bai Yang must travel to the Human Realm to help the protagonist of the novel ascend.

Bai Yang, in a dignified manner: “Your Majesty, that person might threaten the demon world. I went to the human world to kill him for you!” (Actually, I went there to meet the protagonist.)

Bai Yang, proclaiming his loyalty: “Your Majesty, hang in there. I will go to the human world to find the elixir for you!” (Actually, I went there to save the protagonist.)

Bai Yang, with an attitude of selfless dedication: “Your Majesty, I just want to go to the human world to further your great cause!” (Actually, I went there to see the protagonist.)

The Demon King’s face remained impassive but, in fact, the tips of his ears were red. I can’t believe he loves me so deeply... “Hmph! Seeing how clingy you are, I’ll to accept your love. Tell me! Whatever you need, I’ll give it to you!”

Bai Yang: “****! Your Majesty, I don’t love you.”

Demon King: “No, you love me.”

The Demon King truly believed Bai Yang and him shared a deep mutual love until he discovered that Bai Yang was having an “affair” with a “wild human” …

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