Chapter 4 – The Demon King Always Thinks I’m Secretly In Love With Him

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Bai Yang was very depressed.

He had been extremely spoiled since childhood. Whenever his family was angry with him, as long as he begged and pleaded, he would be able to get out of being punished. Now that he was in trouble, he automatically began to beg the Demon King Yong Ye: “Your Majesty, please, please don’t make me take off my pants…”

He looked up, his clear eyes fixed on Demon King Yong Ye and his red lips slightly open. Bai Yang didn’t realize that his voice was very soft and tender like a newborn deer.

In modern society, if he pleaded like this, most people’s maternal side would be triggered and they would immediately let him off but the man standing in front of him was the Demon King Yong Ye, the ruler of the Demon Realm. His heart was cold and cruel so he couldn’t be so easily affected. The Demon King just smiled and spat out a few words, “Take it off.”

Bai Yang silently whimpered in his heart. He slowly untied his belt then, with a bitter expression on his face, pulled his pants down his thighs little by little. However, because he was kneeling, he couldn’t pull it down below his knees and he didn’t dare stand up. The white pants were hanging down his knees and must be taken off… this scene looked extremely suggestive yet awkward.

The wind in the mountains was quite strong and right now it blew over him. Perhaps because of the cold and the wind, Bai Yang shivered slightly and goosebumps formed on his skin.

Ah, can someone please save me?!

How embarrassing! Bai Yang shouted in his heart.

This situation is extremely strange!

Although he was alone here with the Demon King, Bai Yang felt as humiliated as though he was being watched by countless people.

He mentally forced himself to calm down. After all, they were both men. It wasn’t a big deal and he shouldn’t feel too embarrassed.

As Bai Yang continued to reassure himself in his heart, he straightened one leg then the other to take off his white pants. As he was removing his pants, he thought to himself: I have to take off my robe and even my pants but you’re the one whose eyes will be blinded!

He took off his pants and threw them aside.

“Your Majesty, I’m finished.” He deliberately spoke in a loud voice, pretending that he didn’t care about it.

The Demon King didn’t speak.

Bai Yang looked up, “Your Majesty?”

The Demon King Yong Ye did not speak. A moment later, the man in front of him approached and squatted down in front of him. His dark eyes looked up and down at Bai Yang’s body as if he were searching for something.

The Demon King’s eyes were incomparably dark, like two deep pools of water. Bai Yang felt uncomfortable when his eyes roamed over Bai Yang’s skin. Bai Yang had the sensation of being touched.

“Your, Your Majesty?” Bai Yang swallowed.

The Demon King Yong Ye suddenly stood up and said, with no trace of expression on his face: “Go down the mountain naked.”


Bai Yang was dumbfounded and couldn’t believe what he had heard.

The Demon King wants him to run naked down the mountain?

I only touched his ass but he wants me to run naked?

This… isn’t the gap a bit big?

Bai Yang looked at Demon King’s face and dared not speak the words in his heart.

Sure enough, Demon King is not easy to mess with. If anyone touches him, he must pay it back but doubled.

“Meet me at the Palace of Eternal Darkness.” After the Demon King said this, his figure gradually faded and eventually disappeared.

That person’s presence was gone without a trace.

Bai Yang knelt on the ground for a while, confirming that the Demon King Yong Ye had really left before he got up. His knees were numb after kneeling for a while.

The cold mountain wind made him shiver.

He unconsciously turned to look for his clothes and pants. The Demon King had left anyway. No one would see him go down the hill with his clothes on. When he saw the pile of torn cloth that used to be his robe and pants, he realized that his plan had been foiled.

The Demon King must have torn them up just now.

The Demon King is too petty!

He didn’t even leave me any underwear!

Bai Yang simply doesn’t know what to say.

Remembering that the Demon King had asked him to go to the Palace of Eternal Darkness. Bai Yang looked down the mountain and decided to teleport.

Originally, I wanted to walk slowly down the mountain to get used to this world but now I have no choice but to travel thousands of miles in a flash.

Bai Yang used the teleportation technique but found that he was barred from using it.

Bai Yang was shocked – when did Demon King place a prohibition on his teleportation skills?

So, he’s really being forced to run down the mountain???

The Demon King Yong Ye had really thought of everything…

Alright, on the first day he transmigrated, he had to act more resolute.

Tears streamed down Bai Yang’s face.

In desperation, Bai Yang walked down the path, fearing all the while that he would meet someone. He carefully watched out for signs of people but he didn’t meet anyone for quite some time.

Xiao Ling consoled him: “Sir, don’t be nervous. It’s not really you. It’s okay to be seen naked.”

Right! This is Xie Zetian’s body and not mine. Running around naked has nothing to do with the real Bai Yang.

“Moreover, now we are in the virtual world, everything is fake.”

That’s right. He was in a virtual world. Even if he was seen by a group of characters, they were just a bunch of data, they weren’t real people.

Now that he thought about the Demon King Yong Ye… Well, he is just an NPC at best. What does it matter if his body is seen by an NPC?

Bai Yang thought about it.

“In fact, now that I think about it, the Demon King Yong Ye is a just one of the more important NPCs. There’s no need to be afraid of him.”

Xiao Ling: “You are right, sir. Think like this. Face all the difficulties boldly and be courageous when facing the people who are more powerful than you. That’s the true purpose of your stay in this virtual world.”

Bai Yang: “I will.”

Xiao Ling: “Don’t be afraid.”

Bai Yang: “Right. They are all NPCs. Even if I really had to be watched by tens of millions of people while I walk naked, it doesn’t really matter.”

Xiao Ling: “Well said, sir.”

Bai Yang smiled nervously then straightened his back and went down the hill as calmly as though he was wearing clothes. As he was walking along the banks of a lake, he happened to look into the water.

“****! Isn’t that me?”

The water’s reflection showed a nude figure. This face and figure… isn’t it the real him from the modern world?

“Xie Zetian looks like this?” Bai Yang asked in his mind incredulously. How can he look exactly like his real self when he had clearly transmigrated as the villain character in a novel?

“When you become a character in the novel, the System will use sir’s appearance to design the character, so Xie Zetian will certainly look exactly like you.”

“So before I appeared, did Xie Zetian look like that? Wouldn’t the other characters here be surprised that I suddenly changed my appearance?”

“Please be assured, sir, the System can do anything it wants in this virtual world, within the limits of the rules. Whenever people see you, they will think you are Xie Zetian. They don’t remember what Xie Zetian looked like before. In their minds, he looks like you.”

I see.

But looking at the reflection in the water, Bai Yang felt humiliated again. When he thought he was walking around naked with someone else’s body and appearance, he will felt calm, but now that he knew his virtual body was using his own appearance, he inevitably felt a certain amount of shame.

This subtle feeling continued until he reached the foot of the mountain.

Xiao Ling tried to bolster him psychologically and Bai Yang tried hard to comfort himself but when he reached the foot of the mountain and saw the smoke rising up from the houses of the people below, he hesitated.

Is it really necessary to run around naked in front of so many people?

Even if he tried to borrow clothes from someone, it would be embarrassing to be seen.

While he was hesitating, there was a sudden noise in the nearby woods. Bai Yang’s hearing has become so acute that he can hear even the slight rustling of the grass in the wind.

Turning his head quickly, he asked: “Who’s there?”

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I wonder what the Demon King looks like?

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