Chapter 5 – The Demon King Always Thinks I’m Secretly In Love With Him

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There was the sound of breaking branches as a lively figure leapt out from the depths of the forest. Bai Yang fixed his eyes on it and saw that it was a large wolf.

The wolf was grey and black, with fluffy fur and fierce eyes. It was half the height of a person and was more than twice as big as a normal wolf. Bai Yang instinctively went on alert and stepped back, wanting to run away.

However, the wolf moved faster than him. In a flash, it jumped to his side but didn’t attack. Instead, it lowered its head and nudged Bai Yang in a docile manner.

Bai Yang noticed that there was a package hanging from the wolf’s neck.

Looking at the wolf’s tame attitude, Bai Yang wondered: Is this something for me?

He reached out and took the parcel. The wolf remained motionless.

Bai Yang safely took the package and opened it. I was a set of black clothes.

So this wolf was here for a clothing delivery!

There was only one person in the world who knows that he isn’t wearing any clothes right now so there was no need to guess who had sent him these clothes.

Bai Yang’s mood is somewhat complicated. At first, he thought that Demon King Yong Ye was inhumanly merciless. All Bai Yang did was to touch his behind but for this trifling offense the Demon King sealed his teleportation magic and made him walk all the way down the mountain naked. But now the Demon King had sent a wolf to give him some clothes. This way, Bai Yang wouldn’t have to walk naked in front of a crowd of people, letting him save a little face.

Bai Yang’s first impression of the Demon King was that he was arrogant, cruel, and merciless but now it seems he isn’t as cruel as he first seemed.

Bai Yang patted the wolf’s head and said happily: “Thank you.”

The wolf snorted then rubbed its furry head against Bai Yang’s body.

Bai Yang opened the package and took out the clothes. Guided by Xiao Ling. he managed to put them on but he soon realized that something was wrong. The Demon King had sent him a robe but no pants. Clothes in the ancient style were normally a loose robe for the upper body plus pants for men and a skirt for women.

Bai Yang was speechless. He thought that the Demon King had some conscience and wasn’t as cruel as he had thought but now he found out that this person wasn’t just cruel, he was also extremely vindictive.

In his desperation, Bai Yang was forced to put on these clothes. The robe covered his bare thighs but if his steps were too big, he was in danger of indecent exposure.

The wolf knelt on the ground.

What’s the meaning of this?

“Sir, he wants you to ride on his back.:

Bai Yang was somewhat flattered and quite surprised. He never thought that he would ever ride a wolf. Now that there is such an opportunity, of course, he wouldn’t want to miss it.

This wolf seemed different from normal wolves. It seemed to be very intelligent and was able to understand human speech.

“Did you really come to pick me up?” Bai Yang asked carefully.

The wolf did not speak but his ears twitched.

That seemed to be correct.

Bai Yang, who was originally in a bad mood because of his current skin exposure level, cheered up. He was going to ride a wolf! This was something he never would have thought he would be able to do. Wasn’t riding a wolf that was as fast as lightning really flashy and awesome?

So he happily climbed the wolf’s back.

When he got on the wolf’s back, the wolf stood up and sprang forward, running as fast as the wind. Its speed was not slower than a car. The wind whistling on both sides of Bai Yang’s face was a little painful. The scene in front of him swiftly receded backwards and was blurry because of their speed.

Bai Yang held on to the wolf’s fur and searched his memories for information. This wolf was the Demon King Yong Ye’s favorite. The Demon King liked to collect exotic animals. Bai Yang remembered that there was a gray-black wolf in his palace. That must be this wolf.

The wolf took Bai Yang through some lively streets. The demon realm’s environment was rather harsh and there were magic barriers everywhere. Therefore, there weren’t many places where they could settle down long-term. This city’s size and prosperity couldn’t be compared to that of cities in the human realm. When people saw Bai Yang riding a wolf they immediately lowered their heads after one glance. Bai Yang could see one emotion in all of their eyes – fear.

Xie Zetian was one of the four princes of the demon realm. He runs roughshod over others, bullies the weak, lusts for beauty, and is greedy for wealth. In the demon realm where strength is respected, such a person can’t be blamed for acting arrogant but that doesn’t mean that they can’t hate or fear him. Bai Yang thought that even if he really did walk the streets naked, these people wouldn’t dare to say anything.

Riding the wolf, he quickly traveled through those busy streets and the forest beyond them until he reached a huge mountain in which a city had been built.

The sun in the demon realm was very small and the sky was an eerie black. The sky above this city was midnight black. Whirlpools in the sky would suddenly appear and disappear at random. From a distance, the mountain seemed to be wrapped in a black mist. All things in it seemed dark, their outlines hazy and indistinct. The entire place had a gloomy, mysterious atmosphere.

Bai Yang rode the wolf to city gates.

The guards at the gate saw him and rushed to offer their salutes. Bai Yang wasn’t stopped for inspection and went straight inside the city riding the wolf. Though it could be called a walled city, it would be more accurate to call it a castle. There were very few people inside. Most of them wore black armor and walked back forth their designated routes, solemnly patrolling the castle.

In the middle of the city, at the highest point of the mountain, was a palace.

That was the Demon King’s palace, the Palace of Eternal Darkness.

Bai Yang followed the main road all the way to the end. Everyone who saw him bowed down and saluted him.To be honest, this was the first time that Bai Yang received such grandiose courtesies so he wasn’t used to it.

When they reached the palace’s main entrance, the wolf knelt then stopped moving.

Bai Yang knew that this was the wolf’s way of telling him that the ride was over. He quickly got off the wolf’s back. In truth, though he was quite excited when he first rode the wolf, he found out that riding one wasn’t very comfortable. Sitting on its back made his behind hurt and the rough fur chafed him. Now his behind was so painful that he wanted to soothe it with a basin of cold water.

Of course, before applying cold water, Bai Yang would like to find a pair of pants to put on first.

After entering the Palace of Eternal Darkness, his memory of the place suddenly became clear. Xie Zetian often stayed here, therefore he was very familiar with the place.

Based on what he remembered, Bai Yang quickly turned a corner then made his way to a remote room where he occasionally stayed at when he was at the Palace of Eternal Darkness. This was where his spare clothes, including his pants, were kept.

Just as he was about to push the door open, a voice behind him spoke: “Lord, you are summoned to the main hall.”

Bai Yang turned his head and saw a tall man in black with an impassive face standing behind him. It was Li Yu, one of the Demon King’s elite bodyguards.

Bai Yang turned to look at the door that had not yet been opened and wailed in his heart — my pants!

However, knowing the Demon King’s character, he dared not refuse. The Demon King obviously didn’t want him to put on some pants. If he did and the Demon King became displeased, who knew what sort of strange thing the Demon King would do to him next time? There wasn’t even time for him to cry. All he could do was to obey the Demon King in everything until he was satisfied.

“What are you doing in the main hall?” To ease the tension, Bai Yang tried to speak to the man in black.

However, the man was silent. No matter what topic Bai Yang tried to speak about along the way, the man wouldn’t speak. He seemed to be a very taciturn person

When he was just about to continue speaking, Xiao Ling reminded him: “Lord Xie Zetian is not a person who is close to his subordinates. He is very arrogant. Be careful about being friendly to a subordinate or you might get punished by the System.”

Xiao Ling reminded him that there was a System requirement to stay in character as Xie Zetian. If Bai Yang didn’t play his role properly, then he will be punished.

Thus, Bai Yang closed his mouth and put on an arrogant and serious expression on his face. The two men continued walking silently to the main hall.

There were several people in the main hall. As expected, Demon King Yong Ye was seated on a high throne. He had changed into a set of exquisite black robes with an intricate dark pattern on it. Every thread of his clothes was filled with majesty and gave off an air of overbearing superiority. His hair was no longer tied up with a simple ribbon. Instead, he now wore a purple and gold crown. His pale, flawless face was as calm as still water. When his dark eyes swept casually over someone, they made people shiver involuntarily and want to kneel on the ground.

Bai Yang felt the Demon King’s eyes on him as soon as he walked in. He didn’t know if it was just his imagination but he felt as if the Demon King was looking at his lower body.

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