Chapter 6 – The Demon King Always Thinks I’m Secretly In Love With Him

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Chapter 6

Perhaps that was just his imagination? His Majesty the Demon King is so majestic, how could he do that?

Four men were standing under the throne. In the middle, facing the throne, stood a white-haired old man in a black robe. His back was to Bai Yang so he couldn’t see him clearly. There were two people on the left side. One of them was quite tall, around 2.5 meters in height, taller than Yao Ming. He was wearing a gold vest made of unknown materials and his bare, muscled arms were bigger than a person’s thighs. His hands were enormous and Bai Yang thought that one blow from those giant fists would be enough to take away half a person’s life. The expression on his face was fierce, his eyebrows were twice as thick as the average person’s, and his eyes were a strange blue color.

This type of appearance… he should be Zhong Shuo, one of the Four Lords of “Wild Wind.”

According to the novel, Zhong Shuo was as strong as an ox, with a matchless iron-hard body. His weapon is his own body. Now that Bai Yang saw it with his own eyes, he felt that this description was very accurate.

Standing beside him was a white-clothed man with a tall and slender figure. This person had eyes as sly and cunning as a fox’s. The corners of his mouth were curved up in a smile that would be well-received in modern times and he looked like a very friendly person. However, having watched the TV drama, Bai Yang knew that this person was Lou Jianfeng, one of the demon realm’s Four Lords. Not only was he the worst among the Four Lords, but Bai Yang also knew that he has another identity – a spy for the human realm.

Of course, this spy’s motivations were complex. In the beginning, the Demon King Yong Ye sent him to the human world on an undercover mission. Lou Jianfeng took the lead and performed admirably, completing the task perfectly. However, this person was very ambitious. He wanted to be the king of the demon realm so he left behind one of his henchmen1 in the demon world. Because of many reasons, this person’s true identity and position have become very delicate. In the end, if it hadn’t been for Lou Jianfeng’s stabbing Demon King Yong Ye in the back, the human realm might not have survived.

Bai Yang couldn’t help but stare at this person.

Lou Jianfeng could sense someone looking at him and immediately turned his head. When he saw Bai Yang, he smiled and said: “Lord Xie is finally here.”

Suddenly, Bai Yang remembered that this person was his character’s close friend in the demon realm!
Among the Four Lords, Xie Zetian was the type who disdained to be friendly with others. The only exception was Lou Jianfeng. That’s because Lou Jianfeng was a smooth talker, a person seemingly able to behave with integrity and who can easily dispel other people’s wariness when he interacted with them.

Now that Bai Yang knew Lou Jianfeng’s true character, Bai Yang politely declined to be involved with him. He didn’t hesitate to stand on the right side next to Hua Feihua, another one of the Four Lords. Hua Feihua wasn’t an ordinary person. He was the most flamboyant crossdresser in the novel.

He was so beautiful that one couldn’t see anything inappropriate in his dressing like a woman. He was wearing crimson clothes, a golden forehead ornament, and a jade hairpin hung with numerous green jade beads.2 His appearance gave weight to the saying “bedecked with jewels.3

When this flamboyant crossdresser saw Bai Yang, he immediately threw him a coquettish look.

Bai Yang shivered.

Xiao Ling: “Sir, you have to laugh.”

Bai Yang: “Ah?”

Xiao Ling: “In the original story, Xie Zetian was interested in Hua Feihua.”

Bai Yang: “…”

Yes, he remembered this character trait. Xie Zetian was such a lecherous person that, regardless of gender, so long as that person was good-looking, he would be interested4 even if that other person is a crossdresser!

The Four Lords were a lecher, a crossdresser, a double agent, and a simple-minded musclehead. For these types of people to have risen to such a high position, it’s a miracle that the demon realm hasn’t gone bankrupt yet.

Bai Yang struggled to squeeze out a smile and walked over to Hua Feihua.

“Now that everyone is here, priest, speak.” Demon King Yong Ye spoke from his throne.

When the Demon King spoke, everyone looked down at the old man in white who bowed respectfully and said: “Yes, your majesty.”

The priest turned towards the Four Lords: “Last night, we watched the stars and there was a new prophecy from the sun wheel: The Son of the Seven Star will destroy the demon realm and unify all under heaven.”

When he heard this, Bai Yang’s head jerked up in surprise. This prophecy was a summary of the novel’s plot. The protagonist Zhou Ying was the Son of the Seven Stars. After finding the rare treasure, the Dragon’s Roar sword,5 he constantly leveled up until, he defeated the Final Boss Demon King Yong Ye, killed Xie Zetian, unified the demon and human realms, then ascended to a higher realm. Because of this prophecy, the protagonist had to endure numerous schemes to openly murder him in broad daylight or secretly assassinate him. He lurched from crisis to crisis and had many close calls. The real reason why Xie Zetian and the protagonist fought against each other was this prophecy, not because Xie Zetian liked to take liberties with people. The Demon King wanted to kill the Son of the Seven Stars and sent Xie Zetian to the human realm to find and kill that person. Later on, the protagonist and Xie Zetian’s conflict became irreconcilable.

Now that the prophecy has appeared, the plot has begun.

“Xiao Ling, help me find out how far the plot has progressed?”

“Yes, sir.”

After a moment, Xiao spoke in his mind: “Sir, Zhou Ying went to Soaring Cloud Sect6 to take the entrance test but he was trapped and fell into the cold pool which stimulated his body, allowing him to unlock his special physique as the Son of the Seven Stars.”

Zhou Ying, an orphan, was adopted by the rich Li family when he was young. As a protagonist, of course, he was extremely handsome. Women couldn’t get enough of him. Thus, the young miss of the Li family took a fancy to him and promoted him to be her personal attendant. Miss Li’s favor aroused the jealousy of another teenager, a person considered a genius in the village, who kept on making trouble for the protagonist. Naturally, the protagonist was quite smart while villains have low IQ so the protagonist was able to avoid the danger every single time. This lasted for several chapters until a disciple of the Soaring Cloud Sect took him to take the sect’s entrance test. There he fell into a cannon fodder villain’s trap and almost died. Fortunately, his special physique saved his life.

“Son of the Seven Stars?” Hua Feihua asked curiously, “What son of seven stars?”

Priest: “The legend of the Son of the Seven Stars is very old. It is said that every few thousand years there will be a lucky Son of the Seven Stars with amazing talent. Such a person is sure to have the ability to ascend.”

“What? This Son of the Seven Stars can destroy the demon realm and unify the two words?” Zhong Shuo’s indignant voice rang loudly. “What do you mean by that? What a load of ****!”

Lou Jianfeng response was more cautious. “Lord Priest, have these prophecies been fulfilled in the past?”

“Some have been fulfilled, others have not.” The old man said slowly, “It is said that man can conquer nature. In other words, wisdom can prevail. Even though he is heaven’s destined one, he is not a god, just a regular person.”

Hua Feihua: “Are you saying that if we kill this person, the prophecy will not be fulfilled?”

The priest smiled and nodded, acquiescing to his words.

“Did you all hear that?” The Demon King Yong Ye, sitting on the throne, spoke in a cool voice. He was more regal than he when he was at the mountain before, more in line with the image of Demon King Yong Ye in Bai Yang’s heart.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Four people said in unison.

“Now…” His Majesty the Demon King’s eyes swept across the four men and finally settled on Bai Yang. “Now, I need someone to go to the human world and kill this man.”

That’s my cue!

When Bai Yang heard this, he immediately stepped forward and knelt on one knee to the floor. “Your Majesty, please allow me to go to the human world.”

Once Bai Yang made his move, the others followed his lead and expressed their willingness to go to the human world to toil unceasingly7 until they killed the so-called Son of the Seven Stars.

His Majesty the Demon King just stared impassively at the people in the main hall for a while then smiled and said, “Do you all want to go?”

Lou Jianfeng: “I’m willing to offer my life in sacrifice to the king!”

Hua Feihua: “Please entrust the task to me and it will be completed satisfactorily.”

Everyone made haste to show their loyalty and, of course, Bai Yang didn’t want to fall behind the rest. This was his best chance to go to the human world. If the others were to go in his place, he might lose the chance. The others might even hurt the protagonist.

If anything were to happen to the protagonist, that would be a disaster for Bai Yang.

At this crucial moment, Bai Yang’s head became clearer than it had ever been before. He said in a sincere tone of voice: “Your Majesty, Lord Hua needs to supervise the intelligence department. Lord Zhang is in charge of the army. It wouldn’t be appropriate for them to leave. Lord Lou has a human identity so the most suitable person to send should be him. However, if he is exposed, Your Majesty’s efforts will all be in vain. One of your loyal servants should be sent to help in this mission. At present, I am not burdened with any task, therefore I would be the most suitable person to send.”

The Demon King Yong Ye stared at Bai Yang with a smile on his lips and a gentle expression, but Bai Yang was inexplicably afraid of him.

Perhaps it was because of his instincts.

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