Chapter 6 – Demon King

Sorry for the lack of updates recently!

Chapter 6 of The Demon King Always Thinks I’m Secretly In Love With Him is here!

When I first started this project, I thought it would be easy but it does actually take a lot of time to finish one chapter. I’ll do my best to update more frequently.

I added in a way to use footnotes without it being too obnoxious!

Just click on the number1 and you should see the text. It won’t appear on the bottom of the post like normal footnotes. I’m not sure why there’s an extra space there but I think it looks okay.

I’m looking for more stuff to read so if you have a recommendation, please leave a comment below. It doesn’t have to be BL. Are there other stories similar to The Demon King Always Thinks I’m Secretly In Love With Him?

I’m looking for stories with a happy ending. No tragedies, please! My glass heart is too fragile. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 6 – Demon King

  1. Don’t you like me
    The target always thinks that I like him

    Are the most similar ones that I can think of immediately… Heroic Death System is good, comedic :3:3:3 uhh Vanguard of the Eternal Night is good too, and then… Hmm. Perfect Destiny 😀 and so many others :v I’m just forgetting a lot of the names. There’s also Scum Shou’s survival guide but, it’s a huge feelz rollercoaster :v

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